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CAD Conversions

If you need to convert a drawing from one format to another, Burchell Design Services has experience and a team of UK based CAD technicians who can help you. Please get in touch.

Our CAD Conversion Service

Drawing Conversions are regularly needed from a variety of formats – the most popular conversions we are asked to undertake are:

  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Paper to CAD Conversions
  • .PDF to .DWG
  • Raster to Vector conversion
  • Raster, PDF and Tiff images to CAD Conversion

However, if you have another challenge not listed here please give us a call and we will see if we can help.

Blueprint to CAD

Whether you have old blueprints or mark-ups, Burchell Design Services can convert these into electronic CAD drawings to suit your requirements.

Unfortunately, paper degrades over time, making records fragile and impractical to use in a daily environment. Over time these records become illegible and the records become incomplete and unusable.

As modern times become more demanding and dependant on digital formats, it means that many old drawings need redrawing and converting to an electronic version.

Creating digital copies of these items can eliminate the daily use of these paper mediums, allowing reproductions to be produced whenever necessary to suit your working environment.

The conversion ensures that all drawings benefit from today’s digital building platform, allowing integration with new information and designs in full scale, two or three-dimensional digital outputs.