House Plan Drawings

It’s your Grand Designs moment. Assuming you have at least a vague idea of your dream house layout and exterior style, we’ll have your new house drawings finished in no time.

House Plan Drawings

Maybe it’s a timid little two bedroom bungalow or even a six bedroom contemporary mansion… You are certainly going to need Planning Permission drawings and you are certainly going to need Building Regulations drawings. You aren’t going to get either of these without some professional, beautiful Architectural Drawings. We are here as an alternative to your local Architect. We will produce fast online planning drawings for your new house. Once your house plans are Planning Approved, we will produce the cheapest house building regulations available and submit them to your council free of charge for approval. .

You Will Need...

New House Planning Drawings

To get Planning Permission for your new house plans, you are most likely going to have win favour some pretty difficult Planning Officers. To be in the best stead for winning their favour you are going to need some really good Planning Drawings. All we really need from you is some draft floor plan scribbles and some photos of similar houses that you like the look of. We understand that there may be some back-and-forth during the design phase as we get your online drawings perfectly to your liking so this is taken into account when you Get Your Quote.

New House Building Regulations Drawings

Assuming you obtain Planning Permission, your new house will now need New House Building Regulations Drawings by either your Local Authority or an Approved Inspector. 

A Full Plans Building Regulations Application consists of detailed New House Building Regulations Drawings that are produced online by us and are pre-checked by the Building Control Officer before building work starts on site. This means you can be entirely confident that you will not be building anything non-compliant and have to make any costly corrections. The online drawings we produce include all the relevant detailed section drawings for Building Control Approval, a detailed building regs specification and all relevant building regulations notes to get you Full Plans Approval in good time. Your builder will also have a nice detailed set of house plans to quote and work from, further reducing the risk of unexpected costs and mistakes on site.

We are absolute experts in producing cheap house plans online for Planning Permission. Once approved, our cheap building regulations drawings will mean you have more money to decorate the place! 

How Do I Get Started?

1. Get Your Price

Click ‘Get Started” and we’ll ask you a few simple questions about your building project. Just enough to give you an instant price for the Architectural drawings. 

2. Upload Photographs and Measurements

Next, you can tell us more about your proposed design ideas and also upload some photographs of your house and some measured floor plan sketches/previous Architects drawings/neighbours drawings. Using these we can draw up what your property currently looks like and then show your extension or loft conversion etc. as an addition. If it is an entirely new dwelling then you can just provide the site address and any proposed sketch ideas you may have.

3. Sit Tight (but not for long)

Once you have clicked submit, you will automatically enter our work schedule and we will get started producing your drawings. If at this stage we require any further information, we will send you an email. Your drawings will be completed within the time-frame you requested and they will be emailed to you for checking. Once you are 100% happy with the plans, we will send you a payment request for the remainder of your balance. Once this is paid, we will submit your Planning/Building Regulations Application for free! (if required). Once submitted, we will send you instructions on how to pay your application fee directly to the Council.