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Cladding layouts, plans ,elevations and details. We can even help with procuring materials


Facade Design

A facade is a term used to describe an exterior of a building. Typically we are talking about the front side of the building, but technically the term refers to any exterior side. When it comes to architecture, the facade of any building is usually a crucial aspect from a design perspective because it determines the overall character of the building as determined by an outside observer. This is the first thing that visitors see before entering a building and is one of the features which will most be associated with the building.

Our designers at Burchell Design Services are prepared to work with you over the entire design process from the start to project completion. From SFS to outer cladding. We are here to provide top-notch facade design services of any kind. We have you covered for every stage. By using the help of our designers you can rest assured that you will achieve the best results. Facade design is one aspect of our comprehensive set of architectural design and drafting services. 

 Send us more info about your new project and we will carefully analyse your requirements and needs and set you up with a free quote. 

Facade Drafting Service

The experienced façade engineers we have at our arsenal are capable of providing professional Façade services for Architects, Building owners and Construction personnel. The technical know-how and expertise we have gained over years working in cohesion with the globally leading clients have enabled us to solve complex design challenge to maximize energy efficiency and exceptional solutions that are original, practical and budget-conscious.

The façade solutions we offer include but are not limited to Aluminium Curtain Walling Systems (Stick- Conventional & Structural Glazing which include 2 ways and 4 ways, and Unitized systems with any profiles depending on the client requirements), Aluminum Composite Metal Cladding, Metal Canopies, Spider Glazing, Doors, Windows and Skylights.

Facade Fabrication Drawings

Façade shop drawings or fabrication drawings are the backbones of any façade fabrication industry. Obtaining architectural approval is only a small part of what a quality Façade shop drawing provides. Façade shop drawings are a roadmap utilized by project managers and installers, and can greatly affect the profitability of any project. Façade shop drawings reflect the structure and shape of the building’s façade at every location. These drawings may be submitted for approval from the consultant and the architect.