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Photorealistic Rendering Service

Photo-realistic renders are images produced by computer design software, and also referred to as CGI (Computer Generated Image). These photo-realistic images are produced from 3D CAD Models.

These images are mostly used for visualisation of a concept in product development or for marketing purposes (digital and printed). Besides that it often can be cheaper to produce a photo-realistic render compared to a professional photographer there are many advantages such as in-situ render, exploded and section renders which would be very challenging to produce via photography.

Architectural Photorealistic Images

Exterior Building Renders

Exterior building renders are used for mostly for marketing. They can be set into a real-life environment showing a blue sky including realistic shadows. These static high-quality images are often produced from the BIM Model such as Revit for marketing the building whilst the construction is ongoing (or even to be started). They are a great aid for visualising the finished building to investors and potential buyers.

Interior Design Renders

Interior renders are able to display a room that is yet to be built as a finished, fully furnished room. They are a great aid in assisting the design team and client to visualise the end product and make decisions. They are also used by estate agents for selling off-plan houses which have not been completed yet.

Product Renders

In-Situ Renders

In-Situ renders show the product that is being visualised in its natural environment. Such as a monitor (the product) on a desk (the environment) or a car (the product) on the road (the environment).

Section Renders


Section renders are photo-realistic images, cut in-order to reveal further details. They are a great way to show products that are layered or to explain and show the internal workings.

Exploded Renders

Exploded renders are photo-realistic images of a disassembled (also know an as deconstructed) product. They are usually very impressive as this is not possible with traditional photography. Often used by marketing campaigns underline the complexity of a product.

how do We produce A photorealistic render?

Our input information

We will produce a 3D CAD model based on the sketches, photos or an existing physical part using Solidworks (for products) and Revit & Sketchup for buildings.

Our Photo-realistic Rendering Process

At Burchell Design Services we use Keyshot as our preferred rendering package. Once the 3D CAD Model has been completed it is imported into the rendering software package. Within the rendering software our team will:

  1. Apply materials and finishes
  2. Setup camera angles
  3. Setup lighting & background

Once this has been completed, the model is processed (rendered) by your high powered rendering works stations to produce the static photo-realistic image.

3D Rendering

What kind of images do we produce

Based on the 3D CAD Models we either produced in-house or received from the clients we produce high-quality photo-realistic rendered images. We are able to produce static images of:

  1. Exterior buildings set in a realistic environment
  2. Interior designs  – fully furnished
  3. Product concepts
  4. In Situ Renders – showing products in their real life and realistic environment
  5. Sectioned renders – displaying the internal working of a product
  6. Exploded renders – showing all (or part) of internal parts of a product