3D CAD Modelling

For many applications, a 2D CAD drawing is not always sufficient to get a true representation of the project and a 3D model is required. This can be for visualisation, construction or manufacturing purposes. At Burchell Design Services we have the capability to deliver 3D CAD models to your specification.

What is a 3D CAD Model?

A 3D CAD Model is a type of digital file created using Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software. Where traditional drawings are generally 2 dimensional (2D), 3D CAD Models have the additional z-axis, i.e. difference between a square and a cube.

3D CAD Models can be used for everything from small product design to large scale commercial building modelling.  Further, they can be used for producing photo-realistic images and animations. A growing application is for 3D printing.

how do we produce 3D CAD models?

We can produce a 3D CAD model based on the sketches, photos or an existing physical part using Solidworks (for products) and Revit & Sketchup for buildings.

3D cAD Modelling for 3D Printing

How can our 3D CAD models assist you 3D Printing requirements?

Burchell Design Services create 3D CAD models which can be exported in a file format suitable for most  3D printers. We use the information provided by you to create a new 3D CAD model. We will  also advise you on the best printing process and material for your application.

What information do we require to create a 3D CAD Model

We would need the design which can be provided in several different formats:

  • Existing CAD model
  • Paper or CAD Drawing
  • Sketch
  • Existing Part

What 3D CAD Models do we provide?

After creating the new 3D CAD model in a software such as Solidworks. The part is then exported as an STL or IGES file accompanied with a 2D Drawing should this be required.

3D CAD Model for CNC Maching & Casting

CNC Machining

The 3D CAD Models we produce are used as a basis for the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program. Depending on the machine there are different CAM Softwares such as Mastercam that will translate the 3D CAD program into G-Code for milling or turning.


Our team of 3D modellers will produce a 3D CAD Model which can be used by a casting company (plastic or metal) as a basis for the mould design.